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3D visualization, Interior decoration & supervision

3D Visualization

Our team of expert architects and visualisers provide 3D renderings of your project with the exact design, material and lighting specifications, including people, plants, fixtures, fittings and furniture. We can find out the possible errors in the architectural design or other improvement areas in the building design, based on smarter, 3D architectural designs and virtual tours.

Interior decoration

Make your interiors the best with Drawlines’ interior decoration service. We offer end-to-end customized interior decoration solutions according to the personal style and preferences of each client. We transform your pre-existing spaces to be more aesthetically pleasing. We provide fully customized designs that fulfill customers’ requirements. They can choose from the wide range of colors and finishes we have in store. Designing is an art that demands a lot of research and detailing and over the years, we have proven our expertise through each project we delivered.

Design supervision

Experience the professional consultation, effective supervision and timely delivery of designing services from Drawlines. Our experienced design supervision team will keep ensuring that the project runs smoothly with a high priority on timely delivery. We keep checking the progress of the work and verify whether it is consistent with the design. We relieve our clients from the need of inspecting the work and solving problems associated with them.  Enjoy a transparent and precision-based interaction with Drawlines at each phase of the design. Save your time and stress and be assured that the project will be perfectly executed in line with the design.

Best-in-class innovative engineering solutions
We have the experience and expertise to offer integrated design services for our clients.