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Global Workforce Outsourcing and Consulting

Global Workforce Outsourcing and Consulting

Helping you harness your international mobility programme to to find, display , develop, and retain international talents. In today’s increasingly global world, businesses are finding that more of their employees are moving internationally than ever before and that much of this is to address talent shortages. While traditional assignments are still in place, new types of moves are emerging, and mobility teams are at an inflection point where they need to consider how to respond to these exciting changes brought by the future of work.

Drawlines Global Workforce Consulting practice partners with organizations to help optimize and transform the operational, strategic, and digital aspects of global mobility. We pride ourselves in being able to tailor our support to client specific requirements.

Get Help with Human Resource Consulting

Working with HR experts has clear advantages, no matter how big your organization is. HR experts can resolve short-term challenges of small businesses which are burdened with HR functions.

  • Benchmarking of compensation and benefits
  • Implementing new benefits package, employee handbook or workforce policy
  • Understand the skills and talent for upcoming projects or international expansion
  • Employment relations
  • Recruitment, selection, and workforce planning for new projects
  • Employee engagement and performance management reviews
  • Skills assessments and training programmes
  • Leadership development and succession planning


Larger firms can rely on a continuous supply of expertise with the help of HR Experts. And human resource management is hassle-free.


  • Change management, organizational development and business transformation
  • Navigating technological and disruptive change
  • Outplacement, cost reduction and restructuring
  • Human capital due diligence during mergers and acquisitions
  • Developing an employer branding strategy to attract and retain talent
  • Preparing for global expansion


By outsourcing global employment activities to Drawlines, you can quickly enter new markets, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, work with a single point of contact, remain compliant while reducing risk, and have accurate and reliable payroll.


Benefits of HR Consulting Firm

  1. Bring in specialist advisers to quickly scale your business at lower costs than hiring to expand your HR department
  2. Minimize risks and liabilities relating to compliance, employment law and taxation
  3. Access a global workforce network and the expertise to attract and retain specialist talent
  4. Identify employee engagement levels and enhance your hiring value proposition
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