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BIM Visualization Services

BIM Visualization Services

Drawlines with Building Information Modeling BIM adoption can facilitate realistic 3D Visualization services. Client requirements are envisioned with 3D exterior and interior design, photorealistic 3D rendering view, architectural visualization and walkthrough services. Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers, Builders, Manufacturers, BIM modelers and Project owners collaborate to deliver quality work that will be in line with the client’s imagination.

3D rendering, Visualisation Presentation Services

Drawlines Consult delivers a spectrum of professional & high quality 3D architectural visualizations, photorealistic, rendering and animation services to all discipline clients and contractors. We help you to visualize your imagination in the form of 3D realistic renders and virtual tours.

Our team of experts and visualizers provide 3D renderings with the exact design, material and lighting specifications of your scheme which includes people, vegetation, fixtures, fittings and furniture. We have expertise in 3DS Max, Vray, Revit, SketchUp and other related software.


  • Architecture
  • Interior designing
  • Structure
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Fire
  • Landscaping & hardscaping

Interior Visualization

Showcases the space layout, zoning, materials, textures, colors, lighting, furniture, decor choices, etc. in day and night mode in a high quality photo-realistic way.

Exterior Visualization

Shows the exterior of the property and the surroundings of any type or scale before the construction is even scheduled in day or night mode in a high-quality photo-realistic way.


Gives a tour around the property as if it were already built & shows the surroundings and exterior design with a detailed walk-through of the building. Moreover, it shows every interior detail & how furniture works in motion.


Represents the project with dimensional accuracy required for construction and aesthetic visualization for building owners, developers & architecture firms

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