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Document Conversion Services

Document conversion services

Drawlines also offers customers the convenience of digitized drawings and storage with document conversion services. These documents facilitate scientific archiving and eliminate the need for physical storage. Such documents are also easy to track, retrieve, and edit whenever required. Our major offerings in this service vertical include :

  • Blue Print To CAD Conversion
  • PDF To CAD Conversion
  • PDF To Revit Conversion
  • CAD To Revit Conversion
  • Free Hand Sketch To CAD/Revit Conversion


We convert documents from and to any type of file format. With more than a decade’s exposure in the industry, we offer solutions to improve the usability of all types of data and documents.

It includes government entities, the healthcare, legal, and corporate sectors, publishing, media, financial and educational institutions, insurance, and various other industries.

Equipped with the latest technology and experienced data conversion specialists and QA personnel, Drawlines provides high quality, timely, and affordable solutions to convert documents into usable, standardized formats. We help you realize how a smart document conversion solution can:

  • Archive and store all your data for easy retrieval
  • Improve document sharing
  • Streamline document management


We understand your core business processes and provide digitization solutions that can add efficiency to the business.

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