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Transform Your Construction Projects with Advanced BIM Services in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE

For seamless integration of BIM with the construction industry, Drawlines offers a profound & comprehensive BIM Services in Qatar, Saudi Arabia inclusive of BIM Modeling & Documentation services to the AEC industry. We are Qatar’s leading Industry champion of BIM & CAD best practices. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process in which an enhanced 3D model of the project is built by architects and engineers, based on existing project documentation (2D drawings) to precisely reflect the project, as it will be built in a virtual, digital platform. The model consists of many distinct, 3D building elements which contain rich material, technical, cost/construction-related and other types of information. With advanced visualization of the 3D project model, owners, contractors and the entire project team can have a clear picture of the project’s development at every project phase. Through the usage of BIM software, we can either visualize the entire design or explore it any way we want, down to a level of a single element. 3D BIM models can be developed in any project phase, at any desired LOD level. Conceptual models can be developed for early-stage visualizations, for all types of projects – varying from small to megaprojects. Detailed models are developed through all design stages and updated as the design evolves.
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